Bathroom and Laundry waterproofing with Brisbane Waterproofing

New Bathroom Renovations and Laundry Renovations by
Here we see the old tiles and cement sheeting have been removes, the shower rose and taps has been removed and new wall cement sheets being installed by

New BathroomBathroom Renovations

The shower is being extended from a 900mm x 900mm to a 2 metres x 1.2 metres shower base by Brisbane Waterproofing

building the dream waterproofing The vital part if the job 

Here we see the vital installation of the waterproofing system installed and replacement of floor waists by Brisbane Waterproofing

tiling process

Tiling in progress. Notice the installation of a new vanity by Brisbane Waterproofing

New Bathroom
Shower tiling. Notice the shower taps have been moved and a shower mixer installed by Brisbane Waterproofing

Floor tiling outside the shower by Brisbane Waterproofing

Bathroom Renovations
Shower complete by Brisbane Waterproofing

laundry Renovations
Laundry Renovations
Floor waist has been replaced and room perimeter has been waterproofed using class III membranes  by Brisbane Waterproofing

laundry Renovations

New Bathroom RenovationsNew Bathroom Renovations
New Bathrooms Renovations  

NEW BATHROOM RENOVATION New Bathroom Renovations

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