Damp sub floors and moister testing

Timber Floors

A lot of damp can go unnoticed when it comes to timber floors and can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the property. Timber floors that aren’t adequately ventilated can lead to serious problems such as dry rot which can spread throughout your property and leave floors unsafe to walk on, leaving you with a expensive bill to correctly remedy the problem. If instructed our surveyor will inspect your sub floors for any signs of damp.


Our surveyor will inspect your property collecting relative moisture readings, checking for any high levels of moisture or areas that could potentially be cause for concern in the future. An external inspection of your property may identify defects that cause issues internally. Rest assured that if you have the slightest bit of damp in your property our surveyor will find it!

http://www.sentinelwaterproofing.com.au  can identify any signs of damp and/or rot before it becomes an expensive and potentially dangerous issue!

Damp sub floors and moister testing

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