Brisbane Waterproofing

water proofing brisbane


Brisbane Waterproofing

Sentinel Waterproofing as been Waterproofing Brisbane for 14 years. We are based in Albany Creek on Brisbane Northside Waterproofing and  specializing in all areas of Brisbane Waterproofing  Examples of what we do are:

  • Bathrooms

  • Balconies / Decks

  • Laundries

  • Flat Roofs

  • Planter Boxes

  • Water Features / Ponds

  • Water Retention Tanks

  • Retaining Walls

  • All Wet Areas

Waterproofing Brisbane



Types of Brisbane Waterproofing examples are:

  • Water Based Membranes

  • Solvent Based Membranes

  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Trafficable UV Coatings

  • Bitumen Membranes

  • Torch on Membrane

  • PVC & TPO Sheeting Membranes

  • waterproofing brisbaneWaterProofing around Brisbane

We can always find an application to suit your budget

& needs for jobs big and small.

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