Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage Restoration needed

Water Damage Repairs

With nearly 35 years of experience as both structural waterproofing and water damage repairers , Sentinel Waterproofing are vastly experienced in providing professional strategies to your problems in stopping water leaks in walls and floors Our clients include both the commercial and residential sectors across Brisbane.

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Our polyurethane resins are a highly effective way of stopping water leaks in  water damage repairs The fast reacting cells in the resin quickly seals leaks   and is a great water damage treatment once it has  come into contact with water. This method is extremely fast in preventing further water ingress to many areas such as basements, manholes, the foundations of subterranean structures and many more.

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Water Damage Restoration needed

The remedial  work  that we take reduces the cost of extensive reconstruction and sometimes the completion  of concrete repairs We can solve any sort of Water damage restoration   problems that you may have.

We provide safety as our main aim in regards to Water Damage treatment for all types of structures and flooring. As an approved QBCC (Contractor Health and Safety) Registered Contractor we are hot on making sure we not only work safely but provide a finished project that is safe to use.

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