A tanking alternative for Brisbane: Perimeter drains and a sump pump.


Tanking is a moisture control technique that is often used on foundations made from stone, brick or masonry block. Sometimes referred to as retaining wall waterproofing  or bitumen tanking”, this process is simply applying a thick layer of bitumen to the foundations, walls and footings

Perimeter drains provide more effective “real-world” performance in a basement waterproofing system

Athttp://www.sentinelwaterproofing.com.au we advise Brisbane homeowners to keep basements and cellars water free using agricultural drainage pipes and  concealed and drainage channel we install outside your foundation . Instead of allowing that hydrostatic pressure to build by attempting to hold water back, the installed agricultural drainage allows water to drain away from the building or even to a  sump pump, where it can be pumped away. Our agricultural drainage pipes is made from strong, durable plastic that won’t corrode, clog or break. It’s a failsafe way to collect any water that leaks through the walls or between walls and the floor slab.

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