Moisture Testing

Moisture Testing for damp and rising damp

Moister testing
The accepted moisture content can vary depending on the area and ventilation of the property.
Timber at 20 per cent moisture content and above is vulnerable to fungal decay. Timber at less than 16 per cent moisture content is not likely to be structurally decayed by insects or termites but proberbly water ingress either through the external wall, slab or possibly the roof.
Moisture levels would also vary dependent on type of heating/cooling through the property and also and moisture created by indoor drying of clothing etc.

Moisture readings within walls are usually taken above 1200mm as this is the suggested maximum level that rising damp can reach although this can be extended higher with the covering of a moisture vapour barrier below the surface of the wall.

moister DETECTION Moister reading

Call for a pre inspection test, recommendation and report.


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