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Sentinel Waterproofing also offer a Brisbane Handyman Home Repair Property Maintenance Service. We are Licenced Builders so, we offer repaires and maintenance to the office or factory as well as general home maintenance such as painting gutters,  fencing and  gate repairs,  changing door locks, Gyprock and plasterboard repair, tiling, repairs to swimming pools and much much more.


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Brisbane House & home Repairs, Handyman services

Brisbane Home Maintenance and Handyman jobs:



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We asked local -recommended Brisbane plumbers and Brisbane handymen to complete a survey about the cost and completion time for 12 standard home maintenance jobs.

Armed with this information, you’ll know what questions to ask, roughly what price you can expect to pay and how long jobs should take when hiring a handyman.

Brisbane Handyman prices and completion times


Job Details Typical price quoted Price range Typical time to complete job
Change front door lock Remove old lock, supply and fit new 60mm Yale lock. Replace whole mechanism.     1–2 hours
Assemble flat pack furniture Assemble a typical flat pack double wardrobe and five-drawer chest of drawers.     2–4 hours
Gloss woodwork – medium sized lounge Gloss skirting boards and one door frame in a room approx 14’10” x 13′ 4” (4.52m x 4.06m). Assuming woodwork is in a reasonable condition. Rub down, prepare wood and gloss. Assuming window frames are PVC and do not need painting.     3–5 hours
Replace a light fitting Replace a standard rose with a light fitting bought by customer.     1 hour
Replace a single socket with standard white double socket Including cost of labour and materials.     1–2 hours
Replace a standard single light switch with single white dimmer switch Including cost of labour and materials.     1 hour
Hanging pictures and mirrors Hang two large pictures and one large mirror. Assuming house is modern and walls are plasterboard.     1-2 hours
Affix curtain pole and hang curtains Customer providing own curtains and pole. Trader to fix curtain pole to wall and hang curtains for an average patio door (width 240cm, height 202cm).     1–2 hours
Paint room – small Repaint room approx 7′ x 7′ 1” (2.13m x 2.16m). Walls only – existing plaster walls in good condition with light coloured emulsion.     4-5 hours
Paint room – medium Repaint room approx 10’10 x 9’10” (3.3m x 3m). Walls only – existing plaster walls in good condition with light coloured emulsion.     4–8 hours
Paint room – large Repaint room approx 20′ x 16′ 6” (6.1m x 5.03m). Walls only – existing plaster walls in good condition with light coloured emulsion.     6-10 hours
Build bookshelves in sitting room Build shelves in alcove between chimney breast and side wall. Width 2m. Eight MDF shelves floor to ceiling. No painting required. Includes price of labour plus all materials.     4–8 hours

Brisbane Home Maintenance jobs: trader tips

In addition to the pricing and completion time information, our recommended handymen also shared some helpful advice.

Job: change front door lock
The price of the lock can range  depending on the security level.

Job: gloss woodwork
Most traders told us that they would apply an undercoat before glossing. This would give a better finish, but would take extra time.

Job: affix curtain pole and hang curtains
Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan. Occasionally plaster can crumble or fall off and will need repairing, which could take longer.

Job: paint room
Most traders told us that they would apply two coats, so hours may be spread across two visits to allow time for the first coat to dry.

Job: build bookshelves in sitting room

  • If you can find a good handyman with the skills to do this job it will probably be cheaper than getting a qualified carpenter. When we asked carpenters to quote for the same job they were considerably more expensive.
  • If shelves are very wide they will probably need supports in the middle to stop them from sagging.

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