Water Leak Detection & Water Leak Repairs

Moister testing   WATER LEAK DETECTION moister DETECTIONEfflorescence‘ is the term most commonly used to describe the deposit of crusty white … (if moisture is emanating from within the substrate, such as rising damphttps://sentinelwaterproofing.com.au/services/water-leak-detec…ter-leak-repairs/). 


Leak detection

Our leakage specialists undertake a survey to establish if there is a leak to your walls, roof or slab and, in most cases, can locate leaks without the need to dig up the ground.

Leak repair

Once we have located the leak our specialist technicians can fix it by repairing the existing brick work, roof covering or slab.

If you’ve got a leak that needs fixing immediately, or you’re concerned you might have a leak or just want to find out more about leak management, call SENTINEL WATERPROOFING  today on: 0411442639   https://sentinelwaterproofing.com.au/services/water-leak-detec…ter-leak-repairs/

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